Mother Illustrates the woman every day maternity Problems (24 Pics)

Line Severinsen, an illustrator animator and mother of two in Bergen, features a funny number of simple webcomics that share a number of the challenges and every day realities of being an expectant mom. We all know motherhood are difficult, but her comic – Kos og Kaos, or “Cuddles and Chaos” in English – illustrates these battles in a fun and friendly way.

Severinsen began the woman comic whenever she had been expecting in 2012, and proceeded it after a quick hiatus whenever she ended up being pregnant along with her second son or daughter (who was simply produced in May for this 12 months). Inform us in remark section, mommies – did she have it appropriate?

no. 1 You Know You Are In Your Third Trimester When You Fall Anything On The Floor And Disappear Muttering F*** It!

# 2 Cannot See Underneath The Stomach

number 3 Stop Touching The Belly!

#4 Tigermom

number 5 Every Man’s Greatest Fear

no. 6 Third Trimester

# 7 Expecting A Kickboxer

#8 And Other Peoples Opinions!

# 9 Third Trimester Exercise!

#10 Time For Slip-ons!

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